StuBru: Friday Night Burps
Getting students to drink less

In Belgium, students love to drink and party. But alcoholism is on the rise among students. Studies show that up to 37% have a drinking problem. To tackle this problem, me and fellow classmate Louna Rogge came up with a TikTok Campaign, " Friday Night Burps" for Belgian radiostation Studio Brussel.  

The objective is to drink a glass of water and simply beat the world record for loudest burp. Which Australian native Neville Sharp currently holds, with 112 db. For this campaign we teamed up with Brussels-based Sound studio: Sonhouse

Checkout the casemovie below.

We also added a page on the StuBru website dedicated to Friday Night Burps. Here you can read about the challenge and how to enter.   We kept track of all the loudest burps and formed a top 10 loudest burps chart, of students who entered. Who knows, maybe you will beat the world record or have a laugh with your mates.

At the end, we got you to drink a glass of water.


Louna Rogge & Angus Midgley

Art Direction

Studio Brussel

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