Streamz: Billie vs Benjamin
De serie waar je een kant kiest.

Towards the end of my final semester, me and my fellow classmates participated in the TBWA Nightshift. The concept was that we were advertising students that were welcomed to work overnight at the TBWA office in Brussels. Here we received a brief about the new TV series: Billie vs Benjamin from the streaming platform Streamz.

To keep a long story short, the brief was to create a campaign to get people intrigued to watch the new series. Billie vs Benjamin is a love story about two people who are different in every way but they somehow fall in love. The series also has a political note to it being the fact that Billie is very left-wing and Benjamin predominantly right-wing. These political differences sparked the idea of the campaign “De serie waar je een kant kiest”.

Viewers are divided when watching the series because of their own political preference or simply because they think a certain character is funnier than the other. We transformed both characters into stickers which we then would stick on random items in cities that could be linked to either character. Cities would be full of #TeamBillie or #TeamBenji stickers, leaving people wondering what they stand for. To add to this, we digitalised the stickers to stick on left-wing or right-wing Facebook comments. We live in a society  where people like to comment on new articles with their own theory or opinion. With the digital stickers, we would simply reply to these comments with a #TeamBillie or #TeamBenji sticker, dividing the people into two groups for the series.


Marjolein Van Rompuy & Angus Midgley

Creative / Art Direction


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