Arte nonstopnoise
Bachelorproef 2022

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder in which a person hears sounds that are not in the direct environment. Tinnitus is affecting more and more young adults due to the exploitation of loud music.

To raise awareness of a phantom sound like tinnitus, Arte asked their followers to draw their tinnitus and with those designs a clothing line was formed ‘nonstopnoise’.   A line combining fashion and prevention, with built-in earplugs in the clothing garments.

I am happy to share that my graduation project got nominated by Flanders DC as part of the 25 best graduation projects in Flanders. With this nomination, my graduation project is part of 'De Designklas 2022'.

I am very proud that my graduation project is among them. Thanks to my head professor Anneke Rombaut (Luca School of Arts) and Flanders DC for the nomination. Check out my project and the 24 other graduation projects in this link.


Angus Midgley

Creative / Art Direction / Copy writer / Designer